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I'm Erin and I'm 17

I love everything Marvel

Don't let people with bad eyebrows tell you how to live your life

My fitness blog is fitwithfangs

My date was super fun :)
Gabe has good judgement. He never gives my number out to creepy guys or guys he doesn’t approve of who his totally fine because he’s my best friend


Aries: Something I Need

Taurus: Say (All I Need)

Gemini: Au Revoir

Cancer: All Fall Down

Leo: Everybody Loves Me

Virgo: Ordinary Human

Libra: Love Runs Out

Scorpio: Apologize

Sagittarius: Secrets

Capricorn: Marchin On

Aquarius: Good Life

Pisces: All We Are


I realized I can’t handle the emotion in OneRepublic’s songs.

I’m always so nervous before dates

I really want to see the Hundred Foot Journey

Me: look at me with a job I'm such an adult
Me: *spills laundry detergent all over the floor*